Google Places Tags

Google Places Tags

Google has recently introduced a new pay feature to Google Places. This feature, known as tags, allows you to add extra information to your listing in Google maps and displays a small tag on the map, next to your business. This is useful for things like coupons and sales. It is a useful marketing tool in general, but the question is, is it worth the cost?

Google tags costs $25 a month, kind of steep for a little yellow tag (see above.) The question is, will Tags allow you to make more than $25 a month. If so, then Tags is worth your investment. If not, it is probably not a good idea.

How do you know if you will bring in more than $25 a month from Tags? This depends on your business. For example, say you sell sandwiches. If you give a 10% off coupon through tags, and you spend $25 a month, you will need to sell at least $25 worth of discounted sandwiches to break even. If your sandwiches are around $5, then you will need to sell at least five sandwiches throughout the month, solely from Tags to break even.

Other businesses may fare better. For example, say you paint houses. If you give a %10 off coupon on Tags, and you normally charge around $1000 for an average house, then you will make a profit. The cost of Tags and the cost of the discount still means you are getting $875 for that sales, and then minus the labor, supplies, etc, you will still be making a profit.

Tags is a great opportunity for businesses to get more visibility in Google Maps, but this alone will not get you more sales. You should have an appealing product/service, and having a website that sells will also help greatly. I would recommend you try the Tags free 14 day trial, and see if you get a response. If so, keep using the service and refining your methods. If not, then you will really have to think if Tags fits into your business objectives, and if you are selling effectively.


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