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Kevin Davidson, MBA, providing Insider Info On Social Media Marketing Hints. Listen, watch, and implement social media marketing strategies from our social media expert.

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Are your social media business pages updated? Do you research articles and post to your social media pages regularly? Can you afford to pay $80,000 per year for a dedicated employee to do social media? If you are not updating …

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Do you have time to do social media? Do you have the manpower to do a social media campaign? Do you need help coming up with content? As an entrepreneur, there is limited time and resources to do social media. …

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Traditional marketing is expensive for small to medium size business. Traditional marketing often misses the target audience and has a low return on investment. Small businesses need to advertise and reach their niche audience. Think social media in particular Facebook …

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You are an entrepreneur or a corporate refugee looking to develop a web presence and be found online. Small companies can compete with large companies for organic traffic. Small businesses do not have the budgets and staff to outspend large …

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Are you looking to get more Facebook likes? In this blog, we list how to get more Facebook likes. 1. Offer discounts and promos on your Facebook Fan page. 2. Show support for your brand to your Facebook friends 3. …

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When retailers think about redesigning their web sites, they expect the redesign to boost their sales immediately. Before doing the redesign, retailers need to figure what consumers want to do and how easy it will be to satisfy them. Shoppers …

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Video is important way to increase brand awareness and reach a large audience. Video is just as significant as network TV. A Comscore April 2009 report states that 72 percent of US Internet users watch video clips monthly. A program …

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Polls (surveys) are a well known, effective way of measuring information/opinions. More formally known as opinion polls, polls ask various groups of people questions related to a certain topic. In the past, polls were only done through mail or telephone, …

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In general marketing practices, there are two main methods of marketing. “Push” marketing, and “Pull” Marketing. In a Push-Marketing scenario, you push your content or product at your target market. Examples of this are newsletters trying to get people to …

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