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Video reviews are powerful social proof that can help put some common consumer concerns to rest. You can also use video reviews as content for your website, and social media, as well as to build awareness. Also, video testimonials establish …

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Why Googling Your Name Method Big Money I Was Googled It was simply the other day that an old good friend of mine got in touch with me by Googling my first and last name. He found all sorts of …

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Kevin Davidson, MBA Interview On Website Marketing Hints. Website Marketing Pointers For Cheshire Organizations From RP Design Web Services 203-271-7991.

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Are You Already Marketing On The Web? Take a moment to think of how you would actually address this question. If offered enough belief just about any company owner who makes use of the Internet for any purpose will likely …

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Interview with Kevin Davidson, MBA on SEO Tips. Video Production and Script developed by Kevin Davidson. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lu5IM-0mZE

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Is your website being found on Google, Yahoo and Bing? Can potential customers find your website? If your website is not visible on the first page of search results on Google, it is time to do SEO. According to Google, …

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Can your company afford $75,000 per year plus benefits to hire a good SEO person in house totaling $90,000 per year? Does your company have the skilled staff to do SEO? Would your company rather outsource to a SEO company …

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International search engine optimization involves optimizing your website for the search engines can identify the countries you wish to reach. International SEO helps you rank your site for a particular country using preferred keywords in different languages.  Some global brands have only one site, …

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A question that we receive from customers is what is a schema? A schema is defined by types such as organization, location, person, products, events and so on. Use a schema markup in websites to improve your SEO. Implement a …

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You are an entrepreneur or a corporate refugee looking to develop a web presence and be found online. Small companies can compete with large companies for organic traffic. Small businesses do not have the budgets and staff to outspend large …

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