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You are an entrepreneur or a corporate refugee looking to develop a web presence and be found online. Small companies can compete with large companies for organic traffic. Small businesses do not have the budgets and staff to outspend large …

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Any Web Marketer worth his salt knows that you can’t be successful without goals. And you can’t set goals without being able to measure them. So how do you measure goals in something as obscure as web marketing? Simple. Web …

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Are you spending too much money on the Yellow Pages and not getting the results? My office building has a huge stack of the Yellow Pages that no one has picked. If you are an advertiser in the Yellow Pages, …

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In deciding on a search engine optimization firm make sure the firm uses an ethical approach. The ethical search engine optimization method is called White hat. White Hat SEO involves techniques and tactics that focus on a human audience as …

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Today is our second post on SEO Marketing Tips. We are going to discuss two important aspects of any Search Engine Optimization campaign: Tags and Titles. When your computer views a webpage, there is data that you cannot see that …

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In short, content that pleases search engine users, and fulfills and information need or prompts them to purchase something, is good. Content that’s highly optimized for search engine algorithms, but fails to satisfy search engine users, is virtually doomed to a fate of obscurity.

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