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Interview with Kevin Davidson, MBA on SEO Tips. Video Production and Script developed by Kevin Davidson. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lu5IM-0mZE

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Can your company afford $75,000 per year plus benefits to hire a good SEO person in house totaling $90,000 per year? Does your company have the skilled staff to do SEO? Would your company rather outsource to a SEO company …

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You are an entrepreneur or a corporate refugee looking to develop a web presence and be found online. Small companies can compete with large companies for organic traffic. Small businesses do not have the budgets and staff to outspend large …

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Search Engine Optimization is an on going process. Search engines like Google are consistently changing their algorithms to ensure sites are fairly rated. ┬áIn fact, it was reported last year that Google changed their ranking algorithm 400 times. Small businesses …

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In general marketing practices, there are two main methods of marketing. “Push” marketing, and “Pull” Marketing. In a Push-Marketing scenario, you push your content or product at your target market. Examples of this are newsletters trying to get people to …

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The first step in developing a web site is coming up with a domain. Domain names are often compared to real estate in that domain names are foundations on which a website such as a house can be built. The …

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