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Why Googling Your Name Method Big Money I Was Googled It was simply the other day that an old good friend of mine got in touch with me by Googling my first and last name. He found all sorts of …

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Do you ever wonder the factors that impact your search results? How does web traffic reflect your web site rank? Traffic has a direct impact to your web site’s rank among Google search results. The higher the rank, the more …

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If you use images in your web pages, it is good practice to include Alt text for every image that a visitor to your site will see. ALT tags filled with keywords can also be used to boost your keyword …

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Today is our second post on SEO Marketing Tips. We are going to discuss two important aspects of any Search Engine Optimization campaign: Tags and Titles. When your computer views a webpage, there is data that you cannot see that …

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In short, content that pleases search engine users, and fulfills and information need or prompts them to purchase something, is good. Content that’s highly optimized for search engine algorithms, but fails to satisfy search engine users, is virtually doomed to a fate of obscurity.

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