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Customers often ask should they use cable, DSL and fiber optic internet? Choosing cable, DSL and fiber optic internet all depends on your needs. You need to pick a provider that delivers internet connectivity reliably. You also need to see what service offering is available in your area.

Cable internet is an option with nationwide coverage of 89% in the United States. It delivers to your home via your cable service. It is faster than DSL with speeds often ranging above 100 Mbps. The speed of the data transmission using cable internet is less dependent on the distance between your cable connection and the location of the service provider. The data speed is dependent on the number of users sharing the cable connection at one time. A major drawback is sharing the service with people in your neighborhood. This means that it can be extremely slow during busy times.

If you only need to use the internet occasionally, DSL is probably the best option. DSL is also the cheapest. This allows you to use the net at quality speeds at an affordable rate. It also has nationwide coverage of 90% in the United States. It is also the slowest with rates up to 25 Mbps. DSL service is entirely based on distance. The further you are from the service provider, the slower your service is. Reliable service requires central offices to be placed relatively close 18,000 feet to where customers reside to receive optimum service.

Fiber optic internet would be the best choice for receiving the fastest possible speed and is up to 25x faster than the alternatives. Fiber Internet uses glass and is resistant to interference and has speeds of up to 500 Mbps. If your neighborhood is already wired, then you can take advantage of all that Fiber Optic Internet offers by connecting your home. The challenge is finding service in your area. Currently, nationwide fiber coverage is 25% in the United States. Fiber optic internet is the future of the Internet. Check Verizon,AT&T U-verse,Google Fiber and Comcast Xfinity are currently offering a residential Fiber Optic Internet connection.

Depending on availability my first choice would be to use fiber optic internet. My second choice would be cable and third would be dsl to use. Moreover, if you like uploading videos and playing games use fiber optic internet and cable internet.


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