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It’s hard to understand the value of video marketing when you’re starting out. Video can help you reach a new audience and build trust with your current ones, but it’s a challenging medium for brand-new businesses. Unless you have a …

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Over the years we have heard a lot about how to offer your website more value. Initially, everyone said to put great deals of fascinating info on your site and you would see a stampede of visitors come to your …

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Customer reviews play an integral role in growing your business and increasing revenue. In addition, video reviews build trust with consumers. To improve your business’s online reputation implement video reviews. See the innovative business review video and look at how …

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Discover new strategies on how to use video to get more customers. 81% Of Consumers Have Been Convinced To Buy A Product Or Service By Watching A Brand’s Video. Visit https://kevinddavidson.com/ to learn how.

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Any idea how many consumers read reviews before contacting a company? Over 90% of consumers will look at business reviews before the consumer will contact a business. Consumers prefer video than to read content. Video plays an integral in marketing. …

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Do you know who the largest search engine and second largest search engine is? The largest search engine is Google and YouTube owned by Google is second. Bloomberg reports that YouTube accounts for half of all Google activity Determine how …

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Time to incorporate video into your marketing. Large and small businesses that do not incorporate video in their marketing are losing out. 90% percent of all Internet traffic comes from video. Online video is everywhere you look on social media …

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